What we’re about.

High fives all around.

Mission and vision.

At High Five, we’re not just about having fun with cannabis gummies. (We are about that, though.) Our mission is to provide Missourians with the medicinal cannabis products you deserve and to make more everyday moments feel like celebrations among friends.

The five
that drive us.

Our five core practices help us produce and distribute every product with the satisfying precision of a well-rehearsed high-five.

  1. Maintain higher sourcing standards.

    Bad going in means bad coming out. That’s why we only source our elite ingredients from premium, environmentally sustainable sources.

  2. Provide high-quality offerings.

    Everyone has that friend who always brings the best stuff. The best ideas. The best goods. The best scoop. We strive to be that friend. And we want you to be, too.

  3. Deliver consistent product quality.

    Proven manufacturing processes. (Clap.) Top-notch equipment. (Slap.) Highly trained staff. (Now, bring it in, yeahhh.) So every gummy in every bag delivers exactly as you expect it to. Every tiiiime.

  4. Work with like-minded partners.

    Because your friends’ friends say a lot about who they really are. Shared values. Collaborative makers. Earth-friendly humans. Good vibes all around.

  5. Lift everyone up.

    Whether you’re new to the cannabis industry, a long-time recreationalist or a high-end connoisseur, we aim to provide education and inspiration that heightens your enjoyment.

Speaking of friends…

Need a hookup for vapes, pre-rolls and more? We’re happy to make the connection.

Hi, friend.
So good to see you.
But we gotta ask…