High Five Gummies.

Cannabis edibles in premium sweet and sour gummy flavors.

First, Some Tips

It’s okay to be new to this.

What is microdosing?

Taking just enough THC (typically 5 mg or less) to feel the good vibes — like mild relief of anxiety, stress and pain as well as improved focus, creativity and sleep. The intensity of effects will depend on your experience level. If you’re new to THC, 2.5 mg may be plenty. So start low and go slow.

What’s the purpose of a higher potency?

Sometimes, a product with a higher potency is useful for folks looking for extra relief. Think of high-potency products as the deep end of the pool: You don’t start there. In fact, some people enjoy the shallows and never need to go any further. But for those who do, we want to have them covered.

What is the difference between eating and inhaling?

When you eat edibles, your body processes the THC differently than when you inhale it. Keep in mind that edibles take longer for the effect to hit, but the high may also be stronger and last longer. You won’t get that same instant onset vaping or smoking delivers — it’s more of a long-term investment with edibles.

TLDR: With edibles, start small and be patient. With inhaling, the highs come and go faster.

100 mg Pack ↑↑↑
Pure THC Gummies

Strawberry Watermelon

Each pouch contains 20 gummies. Every gummy provides 5 mg of THC

100 mg Pack ↑↑↑
Pure THC Gummies

Huckleberry Lemonade

Each pouch contains 20 gummies. Every gummy provides 5 mg of THC.

If joints or vapes are more your style…

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