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Liquid Marijuana Mocktail

Pour pineapple juice, Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and STiRiBLES powder into a shaker. Mix well pour over ice, and garnish with orange slices, if desired.

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Canna Cosmo Mocktail

Add lime juice, cranberry juice and a handful of ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shake lightly. Strain into a glass filled with ice and top with club soda.


Queso Dip

Start by slicing up your deli cheese into cubes and place into a saucepan. Add in the diced jalapeno, and then pour in the evaporated milk. On low heat you will begin melting down the cheese, stirring often. It is important to heat low and slow or it will burn. Once the cheese dip is melted, you can cook it for a few extra minutes, and this will thicken the sauce up, if you want it thicker. Finally, add your 1-2 STiRiBLES packets and enjoy!

If you find you want the Queso Blanco dip thinner, you can add extra evaporated milk in. Just open a second can of milk and pour it in.

Quack dip

16oz. sour cream, (1) small bag of bacon bits, (1) 1oz. Ranch seasoning, shredded Colby jack cheese (or any cheese) to your liking.

Start by pour the sour cream into a large bowl. Then, add in the Ranch powder. Next, add in the bacon bits and cheese to your preference. Finally, add 1-2 packets of STiRiBLES and mix together. You can enjoy instantly or put in the fridge for 2-3 hours to firm it up.

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